10 Types of Spoons that Must be in the Kitchen at Home

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There are 10 types of spoons in the kitchen that not many people know about. Most people only recognize tablespoons and teaspoons. There are still many types of spoons with their respective functions.

In cooking and eating activities, spoons have their uses. Therefore, there are several types of spoons that must be in the home kitchen.

10 Types of Spoons

10 Types of Spoons in the Home Kitchen

Activities at home, such as cooking, will certainly run smoothly if the equipment is adequate. One of the must-have kitchen utensils is a spoon.

Spoons are concave or oval-shaped utensils. Spoons have a vital role in the cooking process from mixing ingredients to serving dishes.

Based on its usefulness, it is divided into several types, as follows.

Dining Spoon

Oval-shaped and shallow, the tablespoon is the type of spoon that is most often used by most people. The function of the tablespoon is to take rice and side dishes on a plate. Good tablespoon recommendations are silverware spoon types.

Tea Spoon

In addition to tablespoons, teaspoons are also one of the 10 types of spoons that are often used in households. The shape is the same as a tablespoon, only smaller in size. Its function is to dissolve sugar when making coffee or tea.

Soup Spoon

Cooking spoon types that must be in the next kitchen are soup spoons. The shape is rounder than a tablespoon and the size is larger. Serves to take soupy dishes.

Strain Spoon

A filter spoon is a long handle spoon used in kitchen with several small holes in the center. This hole is useful for filtering oil from the pan.

Long Drinking Spoon

This spoon is characterized by a longer handle than other spoons. The length can reach 17-25 cm with a rounded tip.

Salad Spoon

Salad spoons are part of serving spoon types that are shaped like soup spoons. The difference is that the salad spoon has a length of about 21 cm with a slightly flattened shape.

Serving Spoon

Serving spoons are quite large, with a deeper hollow, and a long handle. This spoon is useful for taking food from the main course plate to a personal plate.

Coffee Spoon

The next 10 types of spoons are coffee spoons that serve to stir milk or sugar into coffee. In coffee shops or cafes, many use this type of spoon.

Rice Spoon

The shape is bigger than other spoons, but the size tends to be short. Rice spoons are useful for serving rice in precise portions, especially when the rice is still hot.

Measuring Spoon

A measuring spoon is a type of spoon that serves to measure food ingredients when cooking so that it can match the recipe. Usually, these spoons are sold in sets with different sizes and measurements.

For tablespoons, teaspoons, and serving spoons, choose stainless steel. While for soup spoons it would be better to use silicone material. For a more natural atmosphere, rice spoons can use wood or melanin.

However, it goes back to your preferences. By knowing the 10 types of spoons above, hopefully, there will be no more mistakes in using them.